What to Ask a Commercial Photography Before Hiring Them

When you have a business that sells a product, you’ll need to consider investing some money in an advertising campaign. It’s not necessary to hire a special company to do this because with the right kind of photos and videos you can control the entire process.

Commercial photography and videography is the latest trend for professional photographers, and through their activity, you can get an increase in sales and visitors. It’s known that most activity takes place in the online environment – people access websites with different products and services, and you need to be there if you want to be noticed.

Why Should You Do This?

First of all, you can control the content of the campaign. An advertising company may not take into consideration your requests or your preferences, but since you are the owner of the website and of the product, you need to be able to decide what you use. Apart from this, through a little analysis, you can also get to evaluate what your clients and visitors prefer in your website.

This can be easily done with the help of an online marketing company, that can take care of the online area with everything that it involves.

Expectations and Requirements

Let’s say you have a website that sells watches, so you’ll need to get some photos and videos with some of the watches that you have for sale. The company that you hire to make the photos will need to know what you expect from them and also to be sure of what they can deliver.

Find someone who can answer your queries – it’s important to establish the right expectations and to be charged with the right price for this job. Tell them exactly what you’re looking for, or at least give them an approximate image of what you want.

If there’s no cooperation and no communication between you and the photographers, you might get to a dispute, and this is not something that is desired. To prevent this from happening, make a written agreement so that the interests of both parties are protected.

The Use of Images

Make sure that whoever you hire understands your intention for using the images they provide. This is because you’ll be charged based on execution. The price can vary due to different usage of images, so if you plan to use the photos for a nation-wide advertisement, you can pay more. Also, make sure that you own the photos once they have been delivered to you, otherwise you can face hard disputes. In the industry, this is known as license rights or usage rights and you can get penalties for using someone else’s photos or videos.

Another reason why you should tell them how you want to photos to look and where you plan to use them is to also help the photographer make a better plan. There are different places where you can use a photo, and this will also influence the process. For example, for a poster or a cover, the photographer will need to make a portrait format, while also leaving enough space for the title or promotional text. If you want the photo for a mural ad, there are different formats and also different procedures.

You’ll need to take care of everything before the shoot takes place, because the usage of the image is relevant, along with technical and layout requirements, while also confirming the deliverables (like resolution, format and others).


As we said before, the photographer will ask a price based on different values, so ask several photographers a realistic quote for what you need. Don’t go for the lower, but don’t choose the most expensive one either. Taking into account the expenses, the effort and the time needed to take the shoot and deliver quality work, make sure you choose someone who has both experience and expertise to make the right kind of commercial photographs or videos.

There are also other processes that take place for this kind of job, so consider the time for the discussion, the preparation, the research, the shoot and even the post-production. It’s important to get a signed work order or quote before you can start with anyone for the shoot – this will protect both you and the photographer of your choice.

Be Present

Some advertising companies promise you almost everything in their desire to get the contract, no matter how small the payment, while not delivering the promised results. To make sure you get what you want, tell the photographer that you’ve hired, you’ll be on site during the day of the shooting. It might sound boring, but you’ll get to be there to see the shots.

It doesn’t matter that you sell a watch or a purse or a cleaning service – it’s essential to be able to approve the images that you will use, otherwise it’s a waste of time and money for both of you.

In the end, you need to make sure that you get the right kind of photos and videos, for the right kind of money. Used online, an image can be more valuable than thousands of words, so don’t assume that people will not notice. With the right photographs and images, you can increase your sales and your clients!

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