Best Way To Be Inspired In Modern Times

Be inspired by Quotes as that is the most popular way to be motivated. Michael Jordan and Ariana Grande along with many other famous people have been motivating individuals for decades. People are inspired by the success of others and their rags to riches stories just to name a few.The way the human mind works, people feed off of other people. I have read stories where billionaires took inspiration from other billionaires. They simple said if they can do it why can’t I? A story such as this clearly shows how one person can inspire another, however it is even better when a person can motivate him or herself. Here are a few ways that celebrities and influencers have been inspiring and motivating individuals for years.


The use of videos on the popular YouTube platform takes their message to millions all over the world. Most videos are usually about 10 minutes on average but can be longer or shorter depending on the amount of content added to the video. Videos are very catchy as the person can do less reading and more watching but in many cases the words usually still appear on the screen.


Instagram is another way that people seek to inspire others and is probably one of the most used apps. Instagram allows short videos and image posting as well. You can also do stories that allow videos or short animated images that portray a message. However an image post is still one of the most popular ways to inspire others on Instagram.


Facebook allows users to create a page for a brand, business or group. Many people use Facebook to send messages to their followers that can give inspiration and motivation. Facebook has the most users of any social media platform so its a great way to reach others.


Twitter isn’t as popular as some of the other social media platforms but it is still very effective. If you had to make a check for inspirational or motivational quotes, you would realize its a greatly used genre. Whats great about the platform is the ability to retweet what someone has tweeted and the ability to like the post as well.


Pinterest is another way to reach large amounts of people. You can post images to our board and brand your quotes. If someone sees a quote they like that inspires them they can easily add it to their own board. This spreads your message and more people will see it. If what you do is for your business then it gives you more exposure to the public.


What is great about a website is the ability to have everything on a page. You aren’t limited to a photo and minimum content of words but you can add as much information as you want to make your site more relevant.

I hope you have found this information helpful and as you can see, there are lots of ways that people can be reached and inspired.

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